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Posted:Hi everyone,

I am Uyan, an old poi spinner that totally retired from practicing no . I know, is a shame, but sometimes life brings so many different priorities and new challenges that you end up forgetting the things you used to love, and sudden you are a different person shocked !

Anyways, I am here to say that I am a huge fan of Home of Poi yes , and though my video is already 5 years old, and pretty much out of date poi moves, I honestly dedicate it to this site, which was literally my first teacher old .

The video was shot in after I spent 6 months of intensive practice, all by myself and the tutorial videos that was here 6 years ago. I could tell about all my horrible experiences through the learning, wrong poi and bleeding fingers, hospitals and s*it but it would get long! so without further talking, enjoy my olddie video blush !

ps.: I am pretty much trying to return and make a new video, so suggestions, criticism, and opinions are welcome ! smirk


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