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Posted:Okay so I know that there have been a bunch of posts on Contact Staff grips, but this one is a little bit more specific.
I recently started trying Contact Staff. (about 2 months)
I bought a collapsible Flowstaff (with 6 lights, 6 Flowmass, and silicone grip)

Most moves aren't an issue, but when I try to do fish tails, the staff consistently slides off the back of my hand. I've cleaned the grip and wet it. This does make it more grippy and I'm able to do them a lot more effortlessly.

The issue is that this only last until it drys. (Which is about 3-5 minutes, then it starts sliding again)
I'm not sure if it's just the silicone tubing that Flowtoys use or it's just me.
I don't want to be spraying it with hairspray like I've heard some people have done. That's just another temp. fix like having to hydrate it all the time.

Should I re-grip it with other tape? Different tubing?

I was thinking of leaving it on and using an "X" pattern of some more grippy silicone tape like used for hammers, tennis rackets, etc...

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Posted:I use the concentrate glow staves and I get a similar issue. I think that for the light to get through the grip better that it is made smoother. Thats just pure conjecture on my part though.

I've basically just learnt to live with it and gradually got a lot better at fishies with poor grip. I'd be interested in how you end up fixing this though smile

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