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Posted:Hello everyone!

I just checked out the topic "looking for fellow Dutch spinners", but noticed it's quite an old topic. therefore....

I am looking for some people to spin with, to motivate eachother to learn new moves. And also I think it'd be fun to try and do some choreographed routines. Would anyone be up for that, enjoy the upcoming summer together?

Myself, I live in Utrecht. You?

Let me know!

x Nanne

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Posted:Hey there,

There are a few Dutch Spinners Around. I have met a few on my travels. However not sure where are they are in Holland. However, I will be there for 3 months shortly studying in Delft (is that near/far?), from UK originally, and have been looking to see if there are spinners about. Always fun to meet people, and I hope you find some spinners. grin grin

Doug x

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Posted:Hi, I just moved to Netherlands (Hilversum) from Ukraine and looking for poi community to spin together.





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Posted:This weekend at the magneetfestival in Amsterdam you will find also poi spinners. See


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