Awesome, Looking to meet other poi spinners!!
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Posted:Hey guys, is there anywhere out there in the SW CT area? I'm looking for people to spin with over the summer!! I have an LED set and have worked with fire before, so anything you can offer would be great!!
There won't be a ton of mobility on my part because of my summer job, but if you can spin and make it to the Stamford/Norwalk/Greenwich area, let me know!!

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Posted:Hey I am from stamford and spin all the time . I have two fire poi sets and 4 LED sets . I spin in Stamford parks all the time such as cove island park . I spin everyday and I am really looking forward to technique exchanges and ideas . Email me back here or at rcorbett2370@yahoo.com


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Posted:Im right in Newtown, hit me up Sam.moo.molloy@gmail.com.
only been spinning for a year, but getting a lot better, always looking to spin with new people.

I just ordered some basic medium sized fire, and have socks as well.
Socks have been my main thing, I have a weird style that id like to develop.



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