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Posted:P'oi chi is a form of spinning mainly focusing on stretching routines
and patterns rather then classic Poi routines and patterns or object
manipulation techniques.

It is one of the low 'energy cost' style, that can be performed without
Poi. The main benefit include slow but tough condition forming and
multiple vairety of whole body movement allowing full body awareness.

Possible disadvantage include long practising routines and also require
very good understanding of body itself. Not recomend for very beginners
and advance spinners.

Non-performace style.

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Posted:I actually quite intrigued by the way you have described it. I'm sure that there would be a way performers could incorporate portions of the style into their performance. Is there any more information on these techniques/styles/forms?

Edit: actually HOP has a few threads on this as well as youtube. Didn't think it was really that popular as i had never come across it before lol crazy

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Posted:I dunno, it's just evolution in style during long period.

From beginner to geek, tech, performace, high-tech..etc
as the years come. I ivented it myself.

I see it as a self development and more heritage, tribal
origin, not what performace evelved into.

But real mind/body slow, low energy style more natural
movement, no tech geek or artist style.



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Posted:Basic steps combine warm up, running and circular movements for whole body:


warm up

Very very slow circular head, shoulders, hands, torso, legs,
feets movements (I do basicly 3 circles both direction).

circular movements

-shoulder reels(any timing, straight hands and body)
-torso circling(with hands joined)


Simple running, I meen spinning is a lot upper body/pose
oriented so running fix the lower part wink .


Connected with the whole routine. Here is the spot,
footwork is so necessary to perfect, there
is a little writing about it here:

The benefit is that because the momenens are very slow
and elemental you can practise and enjoy the movement
for an hours.

I'm practising one hour each weekend, but you can sche-
dule more accurate time to stay still in good condition.


This practise is performed without Poi!

There are absolutely no tricks included.