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SILVER Member since Jun 2002

Location: Denver, CO, USA

Total posts: 37
Posted:Hi. I've been in Denver for a few months now and have yet to find any Poi people lurking about. I've been doing Poi for over 10 years and it's odd to have no one to Poi with. Is anyone out there?

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BRONZE Member since Jul 2011

Location: NJ, USA

Total posts: 17
Posted:I know for a fact there are, I have a friend out that way that goes by the name Jonny or the Silent hippie, who is a fire spinner, He is kinda who got me into it. Id have to hit up a few friends to get his contact info, not sure if he is on HoP or not


GOLD Member since Aug 2010

Location: United Kingdom

Total posts: 2
Posted:Hi there. I'm coming to Denver on 16th Jan for 2 weeks and although I will be skiing for the majority of it but would like to spin with a few native spinners. Let me know if you fancy meeting up and will go from there. Cheers


SILVER Member since Jan 2012

Location: USA

Total posts: 1
Posted:I live about an hour outside of Denver, but I venture down sometimes. Spin sometime?


SILVER Member since Jul 2008

Location: Oklahoma, USA

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Posted:I do believe Enthusi-Adam is in that area


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