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Can anyone explain, or point out a video that explains the concept of the 8-Step CAPs, I'm not really sure what's going on. I saw a sweet video of a bunch of variations and I think there's a basic easy to understand concept there, but I don't know what it is. Thanks. smile
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Drex referenced Charlie's 8-step CAP, but I've no idea who is Charlie
and what is a move/thoery he's talking about about. But if you search
through his website you can find more clues.


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Is Charlie.
He is a pretty awesome fellow. Great spinner, and puppyhammer master. ^_^

I beleive it was described as doing caps in each direction (upwards, downwards, left and right) and transitioning between each direction in order.

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Here is the particular video in which Charlie introduces the 8-step CAP.

It is mainly used as a convenient pattern with which to switch between same-time and split-time without slowing down or speeding up either of the Poi.

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Well, that's the weird thing about the pattern--technically they move at different speeds--both radial and linear velocity--but they have the same angular momentum. Incidentally, the move is much harder, and less smooth for the transitions he suggests, if you don't have your Poi reeled in to the proportions Charlie suggests at the beginning of his 9 square series (1/2 arm length).


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Heeeeere's what i was looking for.

You do a cap at each of the four directions going in a circle. A cap to the left, a cap down a cap right and then a cap up. The transitions are in order to perform the caps. I just did not understand how to understand them until i was riding home on my bike one day and it clicked. Now all the variations...