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Posted:Whats the best source of fuel to use with this? I recieved my Fire Whip today and did my first burn and The fall charred and litterally broke off. I want to know why. I cannot pay $10 a burn for this. Or was it just a faulty fall? and I bought it from here and its a 4 footer

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Posted:you mean the fall or the cracker? crackers fall off all the time but are cheap and easy to make out of kevlar diablo string (check youtube for how to make a cracker) i normally get about 5 burns out of a single cracker before it breaks. the other thing to note to make your firewhip last longer is not to burn it for a long time, light it, crack it a few times then put it out with a damp towel, the way a whip sheds fuel in cracks leaves it prone to smouldering if you let it burn for ages which will degrade the kevlar rapidly

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