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I live and work in England but I have a fire performance coming up in Germany at the end of July. Can anyone please tell me if you can what the rules are for transporting fire kit and possibly fuel (unlikely I know) across seas.

FYI. I want to take 2 1.2m staffs, 3 90cm staffs, 3 clubs, cathedrals, ropes, 2 torches. Fuel and Safety kit (including extinguishers) to go with.

I'm assuming I will have to look into purchasing kit there but I would like to know what people have tried themselves.

Many Thanks,
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Posted:I have flown with a staff and wicks in my bag (not carry on obviously). I would assume that you wouldn't be able to carry fuel unless you managed to organise it in advance, but with a normal commercial ticket I would guess it's impossible.

The rest of the kit I don't think should be too much of a problem. Provided that it is all in a bag which is secure and safe, always best to check with the airline first though. Wouldn't want the kit to have to stay behind.

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Posted:this has been done a few times and i think the general consensus is:

-do not burn within 3 weeks of your flight (smells!)
-wrap the wicks in socks and then tape, hazard tape works well (smells!)
-do not mention they are fire props, say circus props
-i have not heard of fire extinguishers or saftey kit being taken

on a last thought i dont think fire extinguishers will be allowed as they are pressurised and cabin pressures do stranger things to a sealed item. watch a water bottle that has been opened at height and then sealed. as you come down it contracts and 'squashes'

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Posted:is easy if you burn recently put in the sun heat will remove white gas smell in few hours put in your bag and explain that you are professional performer have done this dozens of times and is compleatly legal they never stop me and have made dozens of flights including next day afer burns