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My friend makes Fire Swords, but doesnt know how to make a fire shield. How do you construct one?

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My friend used an old bike wheel got rid of the tube and rubber of course then attached a plate with arm straps on the nut so that it could still turn (this will help spin fuel off and an even burn) he made two this way one he removed the rim itself and put a head on all the spokes and one he left the rim and put a Kevlar rope in it where the tube would be the first one takes soldering skills to make sure the spokes stay put the second has the problem of a lot of fire and a lot of metal the first wiggles a bit the second requires more turning over so the bottom does not drip/burn out/go out so the first is better with a sword and the second is better for shield dances but I have seen others don't know how they were made though.
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