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Posted:As I slowly edge toward feeling confident enough with Poi to start spinning fire, I've begun to wonder how Fire Spinning fits into your lives. Do you do it with other spinners? Do you perform professionally? Do you do it at parties, spinning in the park, or in a friend's backyard? Are you part of a fire troupe, do your friends spin fire too, or are you the only one you know who does it? And where do you go to spin fire? This question is for all of you who play with fire, whether your instrument of choice is Poi, staff, one of the many other toys, or even for you fire-breathers and eaters.

Just curious, since I have the desire for fire but I don't know anyone around here who does it (though I'm sure there are plenty).

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Posted:When I feel like it and remember. Been doing it a bit more often in the last few months than the last couple years, and am trying to get to biweekly meetings which will involve fire. I tend to prefer LED/sock Poi though.

I spin for fun, but might be getting paid for some semi-regular performances at some point in the near future. I have done a few shows and stuff, but nothing major yet. The marketing and insurance and admin stuff is too much effort for what is a hobby. I am hoping to turn it into a self-sustaining hobby (that is, funds raised by doing it pay for new stuff and some extra pocket money).

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Posted:I spin fire when the mood strikes, the weather outside is good and there's lots of room to work with. I've done a few paid performances but have by far done more spins for the sheer joy of playing with fire and not soley profit. I'll spin just to keep my hands in and as a means of meditation. If people are around or not is often inconsequential. If the mood strikes and I really want to put on a show and there's a big crowd with multiple performers that is just as fun. Whenever I do it regardless of location it is something memorable and worthwhile.

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Posted:i started spinning fire after i could do butterfly hip reels a corkscrew and a three beat and i like to spin fire as often as i have fuel anywhere and everywhere i can without catching flak from the police or hotel managers it is very relaxing and calming so i do it when i can

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Posted:Whenever I want! tongue2

Seriously, mostly at social burns, or in my back yard when I need to blow off steam. The burns are part performance for friends, part practice session, part just jammin'. Most of the burns I go to are weekly or semi-weekly and happen at a local park that has an awesome backdrop.

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