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Fire Duck

Fire Duck

The chuck the duck that likes to sing
Location: india

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Posted:hey guys my name is philip harmjanz i am new to the sit, so i will begin simple... i am looking for a few people in india who do firespinning of every and any kind... i can pm you, and we can get in touch... i live in the pondicherry region, and want to get a good team together... i live in Auroville and i am the top poier her, and teach a class of about 10-20 students with my poing partner...
so if anyone is in the pondichery or tamilnadu region, then please contact me, so we can maybe join up... i have good contacts, and can arange shows(paid) for us if needed, so join up, and maybe have a blast, also if anyone wants to contact me about move help, i know: pois, staff, double staff, snakes, and whips... so contact me if anythings up ^^ take care

Chuck the duck that likes to sing

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