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Posted:I just got into the staff and am currently attempting to make a fire staff from scratch (a BIG upgrade from my wooden mop pole).

These are the common ways i see it constructed:
Very solid and cool info, but i was wondering a few things:

As i see the construction of how the dowel rod is inside the aluminum, and the wick is wrapped around the outside before being screwed together. I was wondering, how do you soak the wicks without having the dowel rod soak up the fuel as well? I am sure there is a practical way of doing it that i am not seeing, but just wanted to get your opinion on it.


What are some alternate wick material i can use besides kevlar?
Because i don't have access to such (i don't buy online) and live in a small town. So far I've been considering old jeans and such. And if there is any other construction tips that aren't presented in the links above.

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Posted:You need to make sure the wooden rod fits as snugly as possible into the aluminum rod. It will soak up fuel, but since no air will get into the staff, only the peripheral exterior of the wooden rod will actually ever burn. This is also why its probably a good idea to start the screws at least a good half inch away from the edge because there the wood will stay solid and not burn, and the screw has a lesser chance of hitting the ground full impact and snapping on you.

Some people even put extra washers on the wooden dowel edges to make sure it doesnt burn, but if its good and tight in there this is not really necessary.

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