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Was just wondering if anyone had any ideas for a clear weight?

I have a rope that lights up all the way along, and is lit at the end as if it were fibre optic. When spun it looks wicked, and it's really nice to just let wrap around your body, but there is a distinct lack of weight at the end making it really hard to isolate, tangle, stall and other such things.
What I'm after is a weight that would fit on the end of a rope, not be too big in size and not rake away the colour from the rope and not cover the end to take away the fibre optic look of it.
Basically something that could slip over a rope, is clear and around 30-40g

Any ideas?

Thankyouplease smile

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Posted:Important question I think... Can you knot it? If not, how are you looking to attach said weight?


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Posted:Clear plastic and packing tape? May still slip though....

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Posted:These might work http://www.homeofpoi.com/shop/productDetails/Pair-of-Weight-Sleeves1

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Posted:What SpinnerofDetroit posted, that or don't hardware stores sell like, some clear plastic you use to cover tables? You could roll that up, I guess.

I can't really think of any dense, clear plastics off the top of my head, though.

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Posted:The sleeves would have been too big. It's going to be a skipping rope cut in half pretty much.

I think I came to a solution though.


Non-Https Image Link

Am going to cut a hole in them (cork screw style) and try slip the rope through, a couple of these on the end with some super glue will do the job I should think.

Knotting it wouldn't work, the rope isn't really flexible and I think it would take away some of the illusion.

I feel a bit silly being a 23 year old guy buying 3 year old girls high school musical skipping rope and some glittery bouncy balls... Win

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"We were making castles in the sand: Now we swim in the seas that swept them away"


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Posted:can you drill through marbles? you could get an even smaller marble on the end. just make sure you dont hit anyone though. you could use epoxy resin mix for attachment of bouncy balls? or there's some solvents that would melt the plastics and then they fuse together.

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