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Posted:Here's link to my new fire poi video. It's my very first one so I would appreciate your comments.

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Posted:All right, the quality of the video is very good, the location is nice and you are beutiful girl, but I must criticise the spinning.

It falls to be a tricking several time, only a minor routines and even less dancing. You are in the beginning, but you have
now broad variety of trick to inplement into your choreography. Practise longer routines and concentrate on smoothing
the basic reel movements like low weave, low wave, wind mill and mexican weave and also focus on turning is a must
for you.

keep on moving,




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Posted:I thought it was really good smile

If you can't stand the heat, get out of my way.


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Posted:Originally Posted By: Flint_413I thought it was really good smile
I couldnt agree more

would rather have a bottle-in-front-of-me than a frontal lobotomy

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