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T or Tara

Member Since: 31st Jan 2006
Total posts: 2
Posted:Looking for fire spinners or other fire artists. Day of the Dead 2010 event in Tulsa, the night after Halloween, needs fire for their finale. Over 2000 in attendance last year. Small payment included.

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Cooler than bubblegum!
Location: Dallas, Texas
Member Since: 26th Feb 2010
Total posts: 2501
Posted:Brenonfire is in Tulsa Tara wink

The popcorn extends life... The popcorn expands consciousness...



Fire Spinner Exarch
Location: New Orleans, LA United States
Member Since: 22nd Dec 2009
Total posts: 514
Posted:You don't want him, he has an overbite and smells like cat pee.

"Are you sure it's safe to drink bleach?"
"Yes, bleach is 90% water, we are 90% water, therefore: we are bleach."
-Nathan Explosion, Metalocalypse



Kebab Embalmer
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Member Since: 6th Jan 2009
Total posts: 316
Posted:oooooo! fire gig?

Tam tam tam cheketitamtam, ketumpantam, ketumpan kete kete kete, tam tam tam ketumpanketey!


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