babajagababajagaBRONZE Member
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Location: Berlin, Germany

I am gonna be in New York in about one week for two weeks.I would love to meet some of you guys.


What is psychology?- Looking for a black cat in a dark room. What is psychoanalysis? Psychoanalysis is looking for a black cat in a dark room -- in which there is no cat -- but finding one anyway.

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Location: New York, USE

Hi! I'm in NYC and know some of the spinners in the area (though I moved here not too long ago, so I'm not completely on top of events. There are weeklyish meetings though!

D3l1r1umD3l1r1umbefore delirium there was... delight
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Location: Upstate New York

Im in NY, but Im looking for someone to teach me more poi....

I would like to learn about more communities in the area

meshunderlaymeshunderlayBRONZE Member
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Location: Hicksville, New York, USA

I'm down on Long Island. I'm always looking to meet folks and hang out if anyones ever in the area.

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