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Location: Nacogdoches, TX
Member Since: 18th Jun 2003
Total posts: 82
Posted:My friend and I were just discussing how awesome Adult Swim was and I had to start a thread about it:
Although Samurai Jack is by far one of the best cartoons on television these days, I must say that Home Movies is definitely up there along with Family Guy and the Oblongs. And of course I could never forget Space Ghost, as he has been there for me since the beginning. I would have to say that a lot of the cartoons on Adult Swim have the best character development since the Bugs Bunny days. Oh how I miss those days But sound effects and animation have improved quite a bit since the Mel Blanc era. But really--whatever happened to the good Mtv days when they aired cool cartoons and decent music? It seems as though now it's just a bunch of chicks shaking their booties--gettin their jiggy on. What ever happened to Beavis and Butthead (those guys are still hilarious) and Aeon Flux? I don't know if they will ever revive Aeon Flux, which is a real shame. Reign doesn't even compare. I am overjoyed that Ren and Stimpy is finally making a comeback--perhaps that is a sign that many more badass cartoons are ready to make their comebacks. But until then Adult Swim can keep em comin.

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Posted:ya wot?


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Location: Auckland
Member Since: 27th Jun 2001
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Posted:Too much coffee and too much TV will do wierd things to people

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Location: Berkshire, UK
Member Since: 2nd Apr 2003
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Posted:Yeah look at me, the coffee is doing its work... but I think its more internet than TV.
Samurai Jack is a cool cartoon..... I wish there was more anime on Sky.

Location: Nacogdoches, TX
Member Since: 18th Jun 2003
Total posts: 82
Posted:Actually I don't drink coffee and don't have much time to watch t.v. I always say if you are going to watch something it should either be educational or animated and you should watch it in moderation.

I guess a light hearted philosophical conversation about cartoons is just too much for some people to handle.

What is Sky snowy?

I'm fixing a hole where the rain gets in to stop my mind from wandering....

Location: B,ham/Sheffield
Member Since: 20th Jun 2003
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Sky is tv via satelite through a set top box. which means you can if you have the equipment get channels from all over the world.

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Location: Berkshire, UK
Member Since: 2nd Apr 2003
Total posts: 1576
Posted:WE RULE!... hmmm philosophical conversation, I dont think I'll be capable of that for a while... lol

Location: down the bottom of the garden,...
Member Since: 8th Oct 2002
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Posted:best cartoon in the world...........sponge bob square pants!!

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Location: Brisbane
Member Since: 9th Apr 2003
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Posted:sorry....have to interupt here....

the best cartoon ive seen was a one off "gary larson's tales from the far side"
theres about two hours worth of hillbillies, aliens, and cows doing the most hilarious things -mixed with some very dark humour. probably the most original tv show/cartoon ive seen for a while, although some kids prob wouldnt like some of the darker themes.


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Dark Pixie
Location: somewhere.....?
Member Since: 6th May 2003
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Posted:The best cartoon? I'm not sure.
But it seems that it is time for me to make a confession- Sailor Moon is my all time favourite cartoon to watch

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Location: 4341'N 7938'W
Member Since: 23rd Feb 2002
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Posted:Speaking of cartoons, has anyone seen Stand Alone Complex? It's a series based on the world of Ghost in the Shell. I just heard about it the other day, and I'm now trying to find some opinions on it. It sounds pretty cool!

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Location: Melbourne, Australia
Member Since: 14th Nov 2001
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Posted:there are 12 seasons in GIST:SOC, heaps of cyberbrain/political intrigue, and PLENTY of fan service (ffs Kusanagi's new combat suit is a corset and suspenders!?) culminating in the concept of the 'laughing man'.

the movie had woefully little 'tachikoma' (robotic spider tanks) action, and this series beautifully makes up for it. best ova ever!
go to the stuidio igi english website if ya want!

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