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Just a look
You agreed to dance with me, with your smile lips closed.
But I only stand, leaning against a wall drink in hand.
I watch you and your little jig, slow and primally hynotic.
Empty glass released two slow steps to you, we meet, feet in between feet.
Putty in my hand, they slide up the arch of your back.
And slowly as the music changes to a trance track with not enough beats our faces come together, my forehead resting on yours.
Your smell now inside of me you haven't realised I'm now yours.
My arm under yours, your hand on my arm, mine at the base of your neck.
Our lips gently touch, mine on yours, yours on mine and mine on yours.
In a moment what real poets describe as eternity we close.
Everything stops.
A timeless gift but you're only a dream to me.
Give me that moment and we'll see.
We release, a drip from your lips then lost like smoke through my hand.
A dream is all we'll ever be. But forever that dream will be for for me.

I haven't been here for a while, but a recent song made me think of you all again. Mcuh love. and keep spinning.
Stevie D

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welcome back. whats the song?

"but have you considered there is more to life than your eyelids?"

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