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Posted:Yesterday I finished reading the War Posts... . . . all of them... . . .the links too. And I have found, not much to my surpize, That most countries do not have a very good opinion of us. Buy us I mean Americans and American Military to be spacific.

To give you a little back ground I am in the American Navy and I have served four years in the American Marines. I have done my far share of travel (mostly in the south pacific). I understand that a lot of countries have a lot of reasons to not like my country and thats fine. Cant win them all. I have seen my peers do a lot to needlessly piss off someone in almost every country I've visited.

What I have not heard are other peoples personal incounters with americans. Like in a bar... . . .well maybe not in a bar. But you get the Idea. I would like to hear... . . .read I guess... . . . about your personal incounters with Americans be they military or joe smuck off the street.

This is not a political post so please leave out what youve seen on T.V. or what your friends friends friends said about his lay over in L.A. on his way to... . . .umm... . . . well I dont really know where they would be going. So If you have ever hard the chance to meet an american and you think the encounter might be worth mentioning. Please post it.

This is not made up to be a slander page or a pro America page. I just have little intrest in politics and a great love for other peoples stories. And maybe I will learn something to help me improve the image of my country.

Well here goes noth'n... . . .

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