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Posted:This seems kinda obvious once you think about it but it was something i learnt from experience and burning myself so i thought id post it in the hope it saves a few people some burns.

I've been into isolations and hybrids with doubles for a while and the way i do them the flame from at least one end is often very close to my face. If the wind is wrong or you breath in at the wrong time you can easily get burt, the inside of your nose is particularly unpleasant.

If you think about when the ends are going to be close to your face you can control your breathing accordingly so you are breathing out when it is near and in when it isn't. This is really helpful for a lot of hybrids as once you have your breathing down you can concentrate on doing the move smoothly without having that 'Oh my god thats close and hot' panic making the move less smooth.

A great example of this is the up-down butterfly antispin+isolation hybrid where there is nearly always a wick very close to your face. If you breath in, in sharp breaths in the second where you are switching ends in front of you and out slowly until it moves again you will save yourself some unnecessary pain.

So has anyone else tried this? Other ideas?

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Posted:actually, I think breathing with the move doesn't just help you not get burnt, I think it enhances the move, as it 'forces' you to be in synch with the movement of the staff - as I've said before it can also particularly help those tricky side bends with the matrix, in the same way you really empty your lungs for yoga stretches

tried it, like it, but it needs practise to get it right - and don't get it the wrong way round with flame!

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Posted:it makes sense, but I haven't actually paid precise attention to it. I think I will experiment with the matrix, like lazyangel mentioned.

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