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ksquaredSILVER Member
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I'm thinking about buying my first travel hoop. There seem to be several products available; one which undoes into 4, one which folds (infinity hoop?) and one that undoes once then folds. Do any of you have any preferences between these kinds please because I'd not like to purchase something that collapses or flies apart everytime I try and use it.

Thanks, happy hooping x

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ElectricBlueGOLD Member
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I don't have either but from what i have heard the twist ones are better. Less fiddly and less rattles.

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FlameSILVER Member
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I have no opinion either way - But I can highly recommend home made hoops wink

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I have a three piece Fire Hoop.. it goes together with little hole/nut bolt things...

As a three piece.. I have found it is too difficult to travel with... it won't fit in my 50/60L backpack even when empty so I'd say get a 4 or more piece hoop.

We never take ours apart now.

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I personally use both the bungee style daytime collapsible and the single snap button collapsible hoop and love both styles. the bungee one is good for me since you cant lose any pieces when you break it down and my snap button closure Led Hoop is great because I can detach it and roll it down to half size and then reinsert the connector to make what looks like a double mini hoop. I'd say I prefer the bungee one because I can fold it into an eye shape and wear it or I can fold it down completely leaving it in quarter lengths then, when you wanna play just unfold it, slide it together at the connectors and hoop. Mine has never flown apart or pinched me or anything. You can buy them from they make Led Hoops and staffs and regular hoops collapsible and otherwise. gotta send em an email cuz the store on the site is under construction but they're cheap and they're products are the best in my opinion.

foggy soxGOLD Member
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check theese out light up and jugle 3 pice hoop
Non-Https Image Link

light up and juggle hoop 2 no image but its 3 pice and can hold 9 all light inserts
allight insert colors and patterns x 9

Non-Https Image Link

ravers dont trip they drop and roll

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