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Location: Brisbane, Australia

Hi friends and family alike...

Names shane, 25 y.o male, coming west for the first time and am looking to meet fire spinners and so on...
Also, if any kind hearted friends out there have space for a fella to crash for a little while, it would be much appreciated.
Im headed west from adelaide around 4-5th of march, after getting this far from Brisbane, and the festival tour (woodford, exodus, rainbow etc)
I don't really know all that many people in the west, but nows better than ever!
So if anyone can help me out, even just with networking and so on... Dropme a line...


Thankyou people

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Location: Perth

Hello!! Head over to the Perth Fire Boards which will tell you more, like our Tuesday fire meets at Hyde Park...

Give me a buzz 0405593354 if you're stuck in Perth... I am currently looking for a job so I should have plenty of time for showing you around.
I would offer a bed but our house is currently terrible as we just got back from Africa.. the spare bed is a spare junk pile at the moment...

Will email you too.

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Location: wales,llanelli in the south

iv just noticed this thread and its a bit relevant to my own situation altho im not looking for some where to crash,me and my girlfriend are traveling from the UK and are heading to perth region in the next few days and i would love to meet up with some people for a spin even tho i have no fire poi as i had to leave them at home! to many freaks to little circuses!

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Location: Perth

Tuesday nights, hyde park, leederville, northern side (vincent st) 7:30pm

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Heh Lovely Perth Crew
Hope youre well and had a good festy?
I wont be over in Oz until end of the yar - but defo want to come seeya at some point, BUT.....maybe before I see you before then?
Im thinking about BM this year - got a tour of Canada and figure if im over there - it'd be rude NOT to!!
You guys planning on another trip?
Hope so 0 it'd be great to seeya
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Location: Perth, Australia

Look us up s3knot Is it the Truth? Is it Fair to all concerned? Will it build Goodwill and Better Friendships? Will it be Beneficial to all concerned? Im in a lonely battle with the world with a fish to match the chip on my shoulder. Gnu in Binnu in a cnu