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Posted:This is not a place to bitch about or praise the current moderators! What we would like to know is your thoughts on the amount of moderation and how visible you prefer your mods to be.

Currently, we think the Community forum is ticking along fairly nicely with no great visible presence (i.e. posting) by the majority of us Mods and Admin types. However, when something happens that requires Mod/Admin presence we get alerted and it gets actioned as we are all 'lurking' in the background. But some recent comments suggest perhaps that this style doesn't suit everyone. Some people would prefer to see the Mods/Admins visibly present by posting more frequently. And then others perhaps feel that they don't want to see this as it looks like 'Big Brother is Watching' perhaps.

It's a little like the police - do you prefer to see the cops out pounding the beat being seen on the street to give you a sense of security, or do you prefer not to see them at all until you need them so you have a greater feeling of freedom?

Now's you chance to have a say on this important subject. Feel free to vote and add any comments you feel are relevant beyond the vote but please DO NOT use this thread to single out any particular Mods/Admins for specific comment. If you do wish to comment about an individual Mod/Admin, as with any complaints or praise about/for individuals they should be directed to the management in private - so e-mail or PM Malcolm in this case.


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Posted:offtopic wink

not too happy about moderation either. in an incident some time back i tried to notify mods about insultive and aggressive behavior to no avail. in the end i fell for the troll - my bad.

but i got muffled and pretty much told that my (political) views were no longer welcome on HoP - which kept me from posting altogether.

HoP is a dinosaur, there is a thread on pretty much anything already. Expecting the members to mod themselves is like putting a sign on a lonely cookie jar "god sees everything".

the single line/ three word posts are not the worst, the "i don't care whether i got to say anything useful" the "i don't care to read even the ip" and finally the "don't care if what you said is right - the fact that YOU said it makes it wrong" attitude is what degrades threads and the overall quality of this board.

I'd recommend "IBAN" and a new start... wink

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Posted:Originally Posted By: MalcolmWe are completing a new site which will I hope have a better search engine and the ability to push better topics to the top of search results. And even show more recent topics first.

Sounds a teeny bit like reddit....

ThelemicPotter: I do not speak in any official capacity, but this is my take on your post.

It also depends on where in the fora you are talking about. Social chat is just that: chat, and much of it will be inane.
The tech section is usually more on topic. That said, some more movement of threads in the wrong places (greetings that really should be in the meet others section, help requests that are actually for the various technical fora, I am sure you have the list better than I do) could be helpful at times.

As for many of your other complaints, such as threads not being or remaining on topic, I have not noticed it as being as bad as you seem to think.

While your points are valid, and I am not saying that they are not, I do think that changing the way HoP is moderated would change the way people use it. I know that I would not like things to be as draconian as you make "When people post to the wrong forum, or start a new thread on a topic that has been covered a million times, those threads need to be moved and consolidated. Dangerous advice needs to be removed. Posts like "thanks" or "I like poi" need to be removed." *sound* like you want it to be.

Bear in mind also that the archives go right back to the beginning. The sheer volume of threads is overwhelming, so going through everything, looking for stuff that might be helpful is the same, hence the way things keep coming up. This is also partly to blame for why things have not been consolidated (I think. I have not been around long enough to tell.) Also, I think fora have been added over time, so if you go far back enough, you will find technical threads in the chat forum. The technical ones were made later and had stuff moved there, but doubtless some things will have been missed.

(Slight aside: Do you think the problem is not enough (active) moderators, or that the policy governing them is not good enough?)

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