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I know this has probably been posted before but I'm bringin' it back like sexy 'cause I'm new here and am having some issues. I can't seem to figure out how to "tuck" it, I just keep hitting myself on the same spot on my back or it wraps around my arm or good. I know I could watch the video again for the billionth time but frankly I'm getting tired of "Doyanne". Any advice?

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Just move on, try something else. I could never even turn til I learnt to turn in the 3 beat weave... If anything, especially at this low level is bothering you that much, just do something else, once you get more proficiency with the poi you'll get it in no time when you come back to it.


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The only advice I can offer is to practice.

Oh and when you turn reverse the direction of spin (same as with any other 180 degree turn)

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