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AzadondoSILVER Member
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So I have been doing poi for a while and decided to turn to the dark side. And what really interests me about the staff is doing contact.

I have been looking at the tutorials here and on MCP's page and a few others. I can do continuous conveyor belts, both ways, till the cows come home and roll the thing behind my neck a few times-- but I can not for the life of me do a halo roll right. I can do it the way that HoP shows-- starting it under the arm pit and slinging it around to the other-- but I can't do it while in motion.

Like here:

I always start it and it just slides right down my back. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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-sandy-BRONZE Member
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If it is sliding down your back then you arnt turning fast enough. Try sticking your shoulders out behind you more and turning faster. The correct point to turn (turning with the staff) is when it is at about 11 oclock behind your back about to be completley vertical.
Keep practicing the timing you need for the turn, it takes a bit of time but once you get it you will wonder how you ever found it hard smile

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