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Hi Folks,

not sure if this is the right place to ask but i reckon you're all nuts enough to be able to help hug

the girlfriend is off to a work party in april thats themed Pirates and wenches... so she wants to go as a parrot... im looking for help with a costume biggrin

i've seen the parrot one thats available online but its a bit awful so heres where you lot come in smile

so have at you!


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Buy lots and lots of feather boas biggrin

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splinterificGOLD Member
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and dammit i want this as my official happy birthday thread biggrin

thanks for the idea though Skul, never thought of that

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I'd go as an eye patch.....as far as any useful advice.....sorry shrug


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Does she have short hair? if so she could spike it up in to a sort of mowhawk and put parrot coloured hair spray in it and maybe some feathers.

I like the idea of the feather boas. Maybe she could find a parroty coloured dress and wear the boas over the top. Also some brightly coloured eye make up would look good.

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....and a beak... dead easy to make - either fold card for a basic one or carve foam for something a bit more professional. Hope that helps!

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