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Brighton has many spinners and fire dancers, and being such a transient culture due to gatwick, we get new comers all the time bringing new skills for us!
...There is a loose fire gathering on tuesdays at the level park in the evenings,
and at the sussex uni in falmer on wednesdays 6 - 8 well as regular sessions for kids at the hanover centre on south over street on fridays 6 - 7.30,
...and ariel work in hnagleton on thursday and friday mornings
...the Brighton Dome also offers regular Circus skills tuition..

There are at least 10 professional tutors in brighton providing a massive range of skills from tightrope to trapeze, contortion to glass walking.. give me a call and i'll put you in touch or email me via

Duff, 07855 215122

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