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Wo what does everyone use to cover the wicks on your staff when traveling or practicing unlit?

I've started using the neoprene beer bottle covers with the zippers on them. what's nice is that they come in all sorts of neon colors too, although the ones i'm using advertise Corona Beer in a tropical setting (they were on sale go figure!)

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I use these


_Adam__Adam_GOLD Member
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A sock held on by a velcro strap. It seems to do the trick nicely.

SkattoSkattoGOLD Member
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A sock tied on via elastic bands.

Simply but effective.
Not to good if your drop it on concrete though... but then again, what schmuck drops their staff? wink


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i got socks that are covered with yellow duct tape. bunch up the extra material on the top and tape it nice and good and er set even on concrete....but like you say....what dope would drop theire staff?


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Well I'm lazy, but I've seen people use covers that have glow tape on them, so you get a free glow staff when you've got your fire one covered smile

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MynciMynciBRONZE Member
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I only spin now if it's over a pit of lime jelly, so my wicks are always safe... and fruity biggrin

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Fire_MooseFire_MooseSILVER Member
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they can make jelly out of limes?


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jcrsjcrsGOLD Member
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they can make jelly out of many things these days... even gym socks.

But speaking of wick covers, i just put them in socks and it seems to protect the wicks pretty well (until of course the socks start developing massive holes in them).

If you don't have a rubber band or anything to tie the sock down, you can usually twist the sock around the staff (after the wick) and then double the sock back onto itself. Holds really well.

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wrong forum spank this should be in "technical discussion" not in "moves"...

However I use semi-truck tubes fitted with velcro. I even produce and sell them (cheap) they are the best Kevlar protection for staff available... IMHO wink

Neoprene beer coolers are a good idea too, but I would think that they don't last (depending on the ratio and speed of throws, level of experience), socks... you got to be kidding wink What also works is anything wrapped in gaffer tape, but simply socks??? Try hitting your foot at the corner of the table with/ without socks... not much of a difference, is it? Wear (rubber) boots and repeat the experiment/ feel the difference hug

Socks, or that fluffy stuff is nothing else but protecting the "outside world" from getting stained or to protect your Kev from UV... If you want to protect it from training impact, you need something sturdy...
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good point there tom

Me I'm lazy and cheap so I use plastic shoping bags.

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