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someone might have the same experience: I've been spitting fire (using lamp-oil) for several years and then developed an allergy (i'm told this is "normal") so i stopped.

but i did it again few days ago and i have fever and really don't feel so well.

can anyone tell what this means and what should i do?


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as next to none of us are health professionals on this website (and im sure, even those who are would agree) you're best bet is go see a doctor, as no one can say for certain what is exactly wrong with you.

good luck smile


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Take the fuel packaging and all safety data sheets with yourself and go to your doctor or hospital and seek medical treatment... don't ask here! we are not medical experts.

As for fire breathing related illnesses... several of my friends suffered with Chemical Pneumonia many years ago... so go ASAP to your doctor.

2 posts

Thank you guys so much for these quick replys...
I had had Chemical pneumonia years ago too:(

I read the link you posted PK,and i figure i have some of the symptoms....

i still hope i feel beeter soon, or i'll go see my doctor...

and this time i swear never again!!!i'm scared as [censored]:(

love to all,


vain-ego pkvain-ego pkBRONZE Member
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That link is made automatically when you type "fire-breathing" so that it specifically takes you to that page.

Seriously if I were as worried as you are, I wouldn't wait.. as I wouldn't wish any one to be at risk from doing these arts.

It is your choice though, I can not force you to go, just wish that you would go just to make sure you are ok for my conscience smile

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If you're worried enough to make a thread on here, you really need to go to your Doctor. If you've had a fever for a few days, thats too long, and you really should go.

Hope you feel better soon

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