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Posted:how the dilly???

can anyone tell me how???

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Posted:see through nylon fishing wire for the coat hanging bit, and mirrors for the rest maybe???

but truthfully i havnt a clue, would like to know though

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Posted:laser LED's, fishing line, prisms, excellent palming.
maybe some reflective paint on the thumbs to catch and better reflect the light from the palmed LED's.

now you just won't enjoy it half so much tho ;-/

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Posted:Laser pointers are actually fairly small and thin, that huge one you see at the start is a bluff, to make you think there's no way he could be hiding one in his hand. Watch it again and really pay close attention - you'll see that he messes up slightly a couple of times, he turns on the laser in his other hand when he shouldn't.

That or magic.

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