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Posted:Idea: Put everything you could ever need to know to start freestyle nunchaku in one place!

1) What is freestyle nunchaku?
Nunchaku are weapons, made famous by Bruce Lee and the teenage mutant ninja turtle, Michelangelo. They're basically two sticks, normally around 12", connected by cord or chain, normally around 4". Freestyle nunchaku involves taking that weapons and performing tricks with absolutely no combat application value. And strapping glow-sticks to them. And setting them on fire.

2) Show me some freestyle nunchaku!

OK, but only because you asked so nicely. Here are some of my favourite artists...
Chuck Nasty -


The_D -

NinjaRob -

Matt-Chez -

And finally... my good self -


3) I love it! How do I get started!
The best thing any aspiring nunchaku artist can do is hook up with other freestylers. I run an international nunchaku forum at... FREESTYLE FORUM - come on over and sign up. You need to register before you can see the video boards, and the competition boards, which is where the most interesting content is to be found.

There's also my BLOG, which has many (but not all, I'm forever behind updating it) of the best tutorial videos from the forum. The most useful thing to be found there is the moves library, so you can get a handle on the nunchaku terminology.

There's several guides on the blog and at the forum on how to make your own nunchaku, and also reviews of different shops/websites/makes if you've the cash to buy a pair.

4) I already have some nunchaku, but I never learnt how to do those wrist rolls/spins/wraps!
By far the most common request of any newbie to nunchaku is for a wrist roll tutorial.

So here's two excellent tutorials made by Exmortem:

5) Can I meet you for a spin some time?
I'll be at a workshop or two at Play Festival, and I'll be all over the place at Reading Festival - and if anyone is in the Berkshire, UK, area I'm always up for sharing moves, whatever level of experience you have.

Y'all take care now,

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Posted:Kriz - that was one smooooth vid. Thanks for that, thanks for the occasional drop and *nock* too. No worries mate hug

I loved it and as soon as I have figured out what to do with my left arm while spinning chakus, or how to move around, I'll let you know. wink

I really really really like your thread bounce


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Posted:Yeah I'm gonna plug Kriz's forum a bit, too. Far and away the best resource for freestyle 'chucks, I'm a proud member.


Posted:Yep. I agree with Joe. Also I didn' tknow you were on Hop Joe!

But big K! You missed the compilation video out. Wasn't that the whole point in me making it?