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Posted:i would like to discuss how good various police services actually are...
last night it took the police 45minutes to get here! had it have beeen far more serious than it actually was i would have been too late. perhaps is this part of the reason why domestiv violence gets so bad on a particular occaison??

have any of you had an incciddent where you called the police and they took there time about getting there, taking i not ccount whether it was a friday or a saturday (days when the police are the most busy)
would like to hear your opinions

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Posted: Written by: Gnarly Cranium

Bullies are weak and nervous people. A man faced with a woman who isn't doing what she's supposed to, a woman who isn't quiet or meek, but stepping up to him with confidence, will often be frightened. Sometimes this results in an immediate escalation of hostility, in those who are used to pummeling things that won't behave-- and then self-defense becomes a literal and immediate need. More often, it will result in him going on the defensive, at which point you have every opportunity to get between him and his victim, and back him down, with words and presence alone.

I can see how your arguments are based on your own experience and your understanding of a bully's psychology, but unless you've actually been to Romania, you can't be sure that the same rules apply there. It's a very different country to the US.... if they did approach the guy who knows what could have happened.


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