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Posted:I'd like to find some stores or websites that sell funky and affordable clothes! any ideas anyone????.
Sites with clothing for doing fire in would be useful too! cheers guys.

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Posted:Have you tried the local Salvation Army?

Also, we have Hot Topics and 6T's here. Both have funky clothing.

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Posted:te POOKa clothes are nice and afordable too with little poi and staff twirlers on them we get to wear kewl stuff, Glass even has a gurls top, he does look sexy in it though dont you drew


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Posted:Fire proof and danceable Sparqr I just ordered a costume for Burning Man from Sparqr, but havent actually received it to vouch for their craftsmanship but Im guessing that if its as strong as their creativity then its hooked up. I can say that their response after purchasing through Pay Pal has been prompt.

Debra from Tactile Treasures is really nice and shes talented! Shes definitely worth supporting. The furry costumes dont seem like something to spin fire in, but her stuff looks like it was made for LED toys!

Ive been looking for other cool costume creators for fire and not. Any other suggestions are appreciated!!!





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Posted:I like Joe Browns for very funky and affordable stuff.

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Posted:ey, I know, how about you make your own

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Posted:charity shops are the way forwards!!!
seriously, they always have some really funky s##t in there!

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Posted:what kinda clothes are you talking about?...
vintage or just "full o' funk" clothes?...
try this site out... Freak Out!!!!!

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Posted:As PWB said earlier, Hot Topic sells some freaking awesome clothing (for guys, and girls).

It's not exactly the cheepest, far from it. But if you can scratch together the money for it, you're livin' in stylish clothing.



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