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Dear Fireartists allover the World!

after our two successfull show last summer, we are organising another
Feuerkunst Berlin and we would love to have you with us!

What is it all about?
Feuerkunst Berlin - is a Fire-Festival focused on Perfomance.
40 international Fire-Artists gather to create in a cosy athmosphere a great 40-50min.Show!!
Beginn of June (1.-11.6.07) in Berlin.

Videos from last year: have a look at:
There you find our two 50 min. Videos FeuerkunstBerlin und
FeuerkunstgoesSoma; they show the whole performance.
But you can also just watch our brand-new super-duper 3minutes Trailer..
(Nr. 02, only 17MB)
( Download with "save target as.. - it's huge files!)

How can you participate?
We want to keep our number small and cosy to create a dynamic athmosphere.
But every dedicated fire-spinner is Welcome to appply.
If you didnt take part at FeuerkunstBerlin06, we put your name on the Waiting-List.

It's not that you have to be a superstar...
Feuerkunst Berlin means to gather fiery souls, that want to
dedicate their Positive Energy and Creativity in a Self-Responsible way
for a feeling of family and we are creating together a wonderful time
and a fantastic show.

Are you interested?
Than read the following details! ;-)

devil devil devil devil devil devil

This year we will have 11 days, so we have more time to train, play and party!
And more time to work on a perfect show. This year we have the help of an artistic director
and a chief choreografer!!
We hopefully will have two Shows (Friday and Saturday) and maybe a Live-Band.
One of our man topics this will be : professional Stage-Make-Up and Body Painting!

Welcomeday: Friday, 1.6.2007 (you have to be there the latest on saturday, 2.6.07 )
Shows: 8. and 9.6.2007(you can leave after the show on saturday the earliest)
Farewell: Monday 11.6.2007

Kinderferien- und Tagungshaus Wernsdorf, is situated on the southeast edge of Berlin.

We thought the size of the group last year was perfect, so we want to limit the number of participants this year to 45 persons. Because of this we first invite all participants of Feuerkunst Berlin 2006 and Feuerkunst Cologne. It is a pity that not everybody will have the time to come. So there will be a waiting list for fantastic new people to join the group. So please tell us very soon if you can come or not, so we can allow others from the waiting list to come.

We charge for the 11 days 110 to 160 Euro depending on your personal budget.
(About 130Euro would cover our cost!)
After applying please transfer 55 Euro to the bank account below:
....... (Will follow..)
So we will have money to set up everything nicely. Please bring the rest of the money with you in June.

For that you get:
Accomodation in the house. There is also space for camping, to place a caravan, a truck or a helicopter.
Food, yes Tom will be there for us, yippie! That means 24/7 yummy food..
Petroleum, as much as our tools can drink.
Transportation to the gigs and back to the party after.
Printing Workshop
2 professional Make-UpWorkshops by Kryolan

We will again be one of the highlights of the 5. International Streettheatre Festival "Berlin Lacht!".
In addition to this there will be probably another gig somewhere.

What we are planning for the 11 days:
Welcome each other again,party chat and talk, teach each other.
Last year we had so much nice glitter on our faces which was so beautyfull! But there are many more possibilities for makeup designs. So we will have 2 workshops on this.
And of course we will create an amazing show!

The Show itself:
The theme should be kind of a gypsy story. But what comes out depends on the creativity of all of us...
Bring all your music, costumes, stories or what ever you associate with this theme.

So. If you have the time to come for 11 days to celebrate a festival of fire, fantasy and creativity write us using the new email adress:

post AT

As we want to work on the show during the whole time, it is extremely important to be there from the beginning until the end.

If you apply, we want to know the following facts:
Who are you?
Where are you from?
When and how are you coming?
Do you have any suggestions after your experience from last year? Give it to us!

after applieing you will receive a mail with the konto details, as soon as you paid half of the costs you are definately in !
(as we are all travelling at the moment, dont worry if it takes a while...)

Now run to your datebook and then to your computer!
We will be happy to see lots of wellknown and also new faces!

With fiery greetings hug
Die Funken
Anya (Sista Firewire), Eva, Francois, Jo and Till

Yes you are invited to forward this invitation to other dedicated fire-artists..


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Hope you have a MARVELLOUS, WONDERFUL time!! (As if you wouldn;t!)

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