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yes... i was inna car crash today
ok- i was driving my b/f's car, and thankin gawd it wasnt mine... (i'll explain later) anywho...
saturday morning in capalaba is bloody crazy... bumper to bumper basically... and well... i was driving along and for sum reason cars were stoping... very suddenly- and i didnt have much of a reaction time in a 60km p/hr speed limit so CRASH!!!
the car in front of me was a huge ass ute- possibly a land rover ute (dont remember much) and he ha the back of his tray down as he had to motorbikes in the tray... and the height of that tray was jus not high enough to go over the bonet of my car so there for scratched the shiznit outta it and whats worse is the moron had a huge ass tow bar so therefore towbar straight thru my radiator!!! well... thru the number plate then radiator... completely buggerin up the front of eth's car. (from the head lights down- all smashed and fallin off car- thank gawd the lights were damaged as they are very expensive)
ok... so i crashed into the guy- and he jumps outta his car angry- fair enough... starts yellin at me... expected but not cool- BUT what wasnt fair enough was him KICKING the driver side of the car near the side indicator and then hittin the car. i had my window down as well and i was full on scared shitless because i honestly thought he was gunna hit me.
so then i tried to reverse back out from underneath. eth's car is european so the reverse is up beside 1st gear- i was so stressed and frazzled by the hole ideal i didnt put the car into reverse- i missed and put it into 1st and kinda drove back up his ass a bit more... copped summore abuse... so when i did put it in reverse the moron behind me (friends of the person in front of me) didnt move backwards for me to reverse so i kinda nudged his car (no damage) and then he jumps outta his car yellin at me for scratchin his car! and sayin stuff like i'll be workin the rest of my life to fix up his paint job on his car! like WTF!!!
soooo... after that... they did a runner.... didnt stay around to get insurance details or nuttin... ( and they were so worried bout bein payin them to get any damaged fixed) so here i am left standin in the middle of the road in tears cos well hey- not my car... and i jus had a major crash- and sum witnesses came over and helped me cross the road cos as u could imagine i was a wreck... i had to be held up i was shakin so much.... and a guy from the shop i was crashed in front of drove the car into his car park.
then the worst thing was i still had to ring eth and tell him! but that was ok... he of course didnt know what to do and got a bit angry but that was expected really....
after he rang my mum he went and called the cops waited for them then all the witnesses came forth... saying that the dudes in the car had rum cans in their hands and stuff- so they had been drinkin. and a worked of the shop goes to skool with one of them so we can track them down. i have 6 witnesses all daying they saw the abuse i got and the car... and what happened.
once the cops came i had to tell them what happened and they said i can either put in a report bout the crash and possibly get fined cos it was my fault and get the boys talked too bout hittin my car... or i can leave it not get fined (and this fine is like a possible $500) and jus let insurance fix it. so its a win lose or a lose win situation.
now- why im glad it wasnt my car- because my car woulda gone straight under his car and his tray woulda come thru my windscreen and possibly did damage to me. and my car woulda been totally buggered up and not worth fixing.
so yes... thats my day. im a complete mess... i wrecked eth's car... got the shyte abused outta me by 4 males (all younger than me too mind you.) had the feelin i was gunna get hit (but mind u if i wasnt in the state i was in i coulda taken at least one of them on... if he hit me first- but i dont think i woulda cos there was 4 guys so... meh... not smart- but if it was jus one guy- sure- bring them on) and yeah.
sorry for blabbin- but im jus really upset still (and this happened jus over 4hrs ago- still in shock)
but i am OK. physically. mentally- we'll get there. dont really wanna drive again for awhile... but it does take sumfin like this to change your views or ways of doin sumfin.


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You poor thing. I hope you are feeling a bit better now. You will be able to drive again just give it a little time. It is good that you could write here on HOP, it will help clear your head a little bit. No - one deserves the treatment you got. They were big bullies. Take care, I am glad you are okay.

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Ok, I'd be scared about the behaviour of the guy in front, but to realise his friends were behind you too? jeez, I would be terrified. Sounds like you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. So don't take this situation personally re: your driving, those kind of people shouldn't be on the road anyway. Hope you're feeling better

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cheer up! are you hurt? it sounds like ur not so be happy!

just think about how much worse it could have got and thank whatever you believe in for that not happening...

I'm sure ur bf will get over it and in a couple of years everyone will look back on it and use it as an excuse for some lame joke about women driving!

I hate people who are immature enough to start kicking things when they are pissed off. grrr.

anyways, cheer up!


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Babe that is an awful situation to be in. I am so glad you had witnesses there, and people there to help you afterward.

Take care of yourself

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sparkie, mate! so sad to hear!
may your memories of this time be of the friends that came to your aid and not the aggressive drunken boys.
plus your partner is soo cool to entrust you with his car in the first place!!

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ohhhh bummer hunney... I have tryed to ring you but there seems to be no answer, I left a message chicken...
I hope that you are ok and that your byf' is all ok as well....ring me as soon as you can hunney

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that's no good at all

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So sorry. Glad to hear you are OK, though.


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BIG hugz for you Sparkie, glad you hear that YOU are safe!!
take it easy over the next few days ok? shock can do weird things to your system

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Eeesh! Cass man...what a day?
Hope everything is a-ok now!
Smiles to ya!

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Ahhh, I hope you recover soon.
Aren't some people so evil? Accidents happen, there was no need for them to over-react.

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thanks guys

well- the car has started gettin fixed... $3000 worth of damage! OUCH!!! but thank gawd im covered with insurance so i only gotta pay $850. PHEW!

there must be something in the air with us and car crashes this week. my b/f's bro was driving yesty and a car (exact same as ethan's) crashed into him! but his car is ok... just craked his bumper. but how freaky is that?

but im ok now... driving... and i even drove past where i crashed yesty... so its all good now...

the cops found the guy i ran into... and he said he was waiting down the road for me to come see him... but i didnt turn up so he left... like WTF... yeah right... anywho... the cops gave him my number (with my permission) and told him to ring me to swap details and whatnot... funnily (sp?) enough i havent heard from him yet. but whatever...

so im ok... ethan's car will be ok in 2wks... im never driving it again... so yeah


And wherever you've gone and wherever we might go. It don't seem fair. Today just disappeared.

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Hey sparkie you are right Capalaba is a very crazy place.

It might also intrest you to know that if the other driver dosn't contact you within a certian period of time (I think it is 7 days) then your fault or not your fault he can't hit you up for damages. And since it would appear that he is one of the young cocky prats that i so despise, if he dosn't get his act into gear then I would just let him wear it.

Also probably irrelevent - did anyone mention charging him for leaving the scene of an accident??

This is just the asshole side of me coming out, but hey if this other bloke wants to be an asshole, well two can play at that game

Just my $00.02c

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