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Posted:ok this is driving me nuts cause i know there's some thread around here on poi in the news, but i searched with a million different word combinations and couldn't find it. so here's a new thread.

so i was checking my email on yahoo this evening and i glance down and see the word "poi" i do a little double take and it's some random article about poi. of all the places to see something like this, on yahoo was not one of them. and copywrited by proctor and gamble? very surreal. but cool surreal.

so ya, just thought i'd share.

oh and if i for some idiotic reason did double post this and it's floating around there somewhere in the forums, feel free to delete or move or merge or whatever needs to be done. my feelings won't be hurt biggrin

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Posted:this has been posted somewhere else smile

but i dont mind it.

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Posted:that is a really nice story, a wickedly detaild account of a first time burn and the hair singing ubblol

i think everyone panics a little on their first burn..... i did ubblol

it's a bit odd it's copyright to proctor & gamble.....................perhaps she works there and emailed the article from her work computer confused



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Posted: Written by: ravehead

i think everyone panics a little on their first burn..... i did ubblol

.... redface .... you're not alone. I had a huge panic attack mid burn my first burn. I was absolutely convinced I had set my hair on fire.

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Hey look, the Milwaukee paper did an article on poi four years ago

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Posted:'Gloriously wacky'? I like it.

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