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hey, been into Poi since the begining of september and can pull off most moves... is there anyone in oxford interested in meeting up and teaching/ learning some moves? i think i might be the only one in the whole of oxford interesed.

anyone into staff who fancies teaching me the basics would also be very much appreacated......

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I'm going to be back in oxford over easter. Not sure of my plans yet...gotta sqeeze in a little time with the folks I guess!!

Have you checked out the thread in the events section. It looks like there is a Poi in the park in Headington every Sunday.

I started off learning Poi, then found staff thanks to some amazing teachers (you know who you all are). But now I'm back loving Poi. I am by no means good at staff, but could probably go through the real basics of staff if you'd like (and I really do mean the basics )

Drop me a PM and we can try and meet up.


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