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Location: Dacula, GA, USA

I'm a long time member and former participant here (Shibaki , Traci, or Matt still around?) and have been out of the scene for a while trying in order to really focus on college. Thankfully, I'm graduating in May and am planning on flying into Gatwick on either May 8th or 15th and spending 4-5 days in the surrounding area to celebrate! Not having ever travelled outside of the states (currently living in Atlanta, Georgia), I am at a total loss for the sort of things I should plan for and expect over the course of my trip. So, basically, I'm looking for an education from all of you that may live in the surrounding area or have visited before. Any information on places that I should visit, hostels (sp), clubs, nightlife, or any gatherings of local spinners would be greatly appreciated! Lastly, if any of you are interested in meeting up over the course of my trip or volunteering to be an airport taxi , I'd be more than willing to pick up/bring anything from the states you might be interested in.

Thanks much for any advice any of you might be able to offer.

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i don't drive sorry, but if you were able to bring George Bush's head on a plate then i'm sure you'd get many offers of hospitality

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Well, I just visited London a few weeks back and I had a great time with the London HOP crowd. Great people, all of them. Lots of fun.

Try to be there on a Tuesday so you can go to Spitalfield's and spin with everyone.


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You should try doing a search in the Meet Otters Section for London peeps.

Also try getting in touch with London HoP people like Bam Bam, Glass, Jez and Small Boy - you can find their details in the directory (i think) - they're all lovely, helpful folks and will have good advice for you I'm sure...


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As far as hostles go, while I was out there many decent hotels were actually cheaper. My first time through I stayed at the Hotel Dolphin. Shabby by American standars, but clean, quiet, cheap and well located (two blocks from Paddington train station and tube stop). But Do not stay at the Holland House hostle (in Holland Park) That place is horrible. It looks nicer, but unless the ownership has changed it will just be a hassle and a damper on your trip. I seem to remember that they have a cerfew there too, and thats not something I like whilst staying in a city with as much going on as London.

Do visit Camden town, and the little 10p museum they have by Covent Gardens, lots of little amazing contraptions, machines and gadgets, that all opperate on dimes.

Also, those roasted chestnuts they sell everywhere around Paddington, Bayswater, and kensington aren't really that good. But the local beer makes up for it.

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Hiya - don't forget us too.. Guildford is not so far away from Londinum... if you want a trip to the counrty, lettuce know..

I know one thing you could bring over for me, but he might not fit in your suitcase!

Hope to meet you spoons..

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Location: Dacula, GA, USA

Anyone else have any suggestions? What about nightlife? Are there any clubs that stand out compared to others? Thanks everyone for all your suggestions thusfar!

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