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Posted: Something I take for granted, all too often, is that people know the authors of which I speak.

I remember when I was 11 reading a novel by a New Zealand author, and some of the school scenes made little sense to me until I asked a pen pal of mine from Auckland about it. From that one silly sci-fi novel, I learned alot about how daily things were slightly different elsewhere. Thus kicked off my passion for international literature, in addition to American.

I've run into people in other countries who had no knowledge of Dr. Suess, Shel Silverstein, Mark Twain, Jack London, Edgar Allen Poe or Nathaniel Hawethorn...of which I concider major authors in my repetoire. Now, admittedly, these are American authors who, outside of literary circles, have limited importance to the casual reader internationally.

Anyone else run into this?
So...what authors do you take for granted that not everyone knows?
What "local" authors do you think everyone should read that you have encountered people not knowing about?

Am I the only book geek who thinks about these things? wink

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Posted:I have often wondered what people outside of my cultural environment read. I am currently going through high school in the middle of america, so I'm being exposed to all of the "classics", meaning influential American and English writers, little else.


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Posted:Not really local, but one of my favorite writers is JW Goethe, and sadly I haven't seen many outside literature/english majors who have heard of him in the US. I'm not even an english major. frown

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Posted:Its kind of an assumption that when you're from Australia, which doesn't have the best known literary history, that people won't know who Miles Franklin, Patrick White and Henry Lawson are. I'm never surprised. People don't read beyond what they know most of the time.

While I know lots about the standard European canon (Chaucer, Shakespeare, and so on and so on...) and a little of American writers, I simply don't read enough to have a really solid grip on a lot of international literature.

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Posted: Written by: wonderloey

Its kind of an assumption that when you're from Australia, which doesn't have the best known literary history, that people won't know who Miles Franklin, Patrick White and Henry Lawson are. I'm never surprised. People don't read beyond what they know most of the time.

i always recomend Tim Winton's 'Cloudstreet' to travellers as quintessential australian literature. his use of the australian venacular is suburb, and it's a brilliant novel no matter where you are from. but i don't think any of them had ever heard of it.

i love to read books - not sure all of it could be considered literature - from a different cultural perspective. i find tom wolfe's comment on americal society fascinating for the most part, and there is a wonderful irish writer called niall williams who's writing is illuminating.

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Posted:bruce chatwin biggrin

my favourite travel writer is eric newby, a stunningly british gentleman...

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Songlines is one of my favourites...


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Posted:hmmm... I come from Portugal, where the poet Fernando Pessoa is revered as a genius (which he is!) but elsewhere I've met only a couple of people who know of him. He wrote in Portuguese but also in English, and here is one of his poems:



I had a revelation not from high,
But from below, when thy skirt awhile lifted
Betrayed such promise that I am not gifted
With words that may that view well signify.

And even if my verse that thing would try,
Hard were it, if that word came to be sifted,
To find a word that rude would not have shifted
There from the cold hand of Morality.

The gaze is nought; mere sight no mind hath wrecked.
But oh! sweet lady, beyond what is seen
What things may guess or hint at Disrespect?!

Sacred is not the beauty of a queen...
I from thine ankle did as much suspect
As you from this suspect what I mean.

Lovely, no?

Sorry, rant over. Keep the suggestions coming, I love finding new authors smile

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