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Posted:seen this story on the news this morning, a young boy was banned from eating his packed lunch in the school dinner hall by his school simply because of it's contents.

he was frog marched off to the head masters office, even had some of the contents of his luch box confiscated and has now been banned from eating his lunch in peace with his friends.......................... his crime??? nothing much really

this boy's father had made his packed lunch, he had some sandwiches, an apple, a small pot of fromag fr, a cup cake and a small packet of mini chedders.

yet the school has adopted a "healthy eating" pollicy and deemed that only 1 or 2 snacks where allowed in a persons luch box or with a school dinner and they classed him to have exceeded this limit.

he was warned about this but his father sent the school a letter explaining why he had packed such contents and still this lad was singled out in the dinner hall infront of the entire school and frog marched to the head masters office where one item was confiscated.

is this pollicy and regulations gone mad?? is this out of order??


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Posted:I struggle to see the 3 unhelthy "snacks"
Fromage frais (maybe too much sugar) is a good source of dairy and bionutrients.
cupcake probably
mini cheddars they're bloomin crackers ain't they?

I agree about exercise and jeef and Ado-P would you be upset if this was YOUR child being upset and thier lunch taken from them by people whose care you have entrusted them to?

If some one did that to Dom I would be very upset.

hell did they even ask if he was Diabetic? and needed the sugar...unlikely, fair due it's not war in the middle east but it is something that could effect any of us.

A couple of balls short of a full cascade... or maybe a few cards short of a deck... we'll see how this all fans out.


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