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Posted: hi guys

Couple of us down in glouester were wondering if anyone would be up for a meet in the local area. We kinda are hoping for a weekend in the summer so plenty of time to plan and get stuff sorted.

So i ask you to speard to word and find out if u lot would like to do somthing like it.

Possibly mayhill that kinda area. I have the ability to organise on site catering if needed and various other things so is anyone intersted juggle weavesmiley

he he i am mike the amazing gloscircus person who is mike.

Officaly an exception to the Poi Boys are Girls Thing

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Posted:im well interested, i have only recently found Poi spinning and spend all my free time practicing would be great to meet other Poi spinners i might even learn some stuff

Willzerz@live.co.uk Always looking for new people to spin with


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