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Last night was the full moon party on Kho Pangan and i did the crazyest thing iv ever done with fire basicly i was laying flat on my back spinning a buzz saw in frount of my face with this other guy breathing fire over the top of me . What a buzz. biggrin
Any one else tried any thing like that?

Live Life In A Spin!!! biggrin

Live life in a spin!!!
but if you fall don't come crying to me!!!

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November 5th, 2000 - Bath university (biggest fireworks party in the south of England). Fire breathing 'Mexican waves' with 6 people standing in a row, lighting off each others flames, all in front of several thousand people.

We wouldn't have been doing this if we hadn't been practicing the act for weeks, and didn't have the best safety crew. Ours had been through the Royal Navy's fire control programme.

I don't do fire breathing any more. Poi is much more satisfying.

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spinning amidst the crowd in the center of the wakarusa festival in lawrence, kansas. surrounded by more faces than I could dream of counting

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