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Posted:Hey Peeps.
I have had some good news and I wanna tell the world. (Well at least a sitable microcosm thereof)
I passed all my exams..Wooo Hooo.
And I have booked my ticket for Australia 625 return with a stop in Tokyo on the way back! (To see 'Brother in law')

How good!

If you could go anywhere, this world or others, where would it be? What would you do there? Have you alreday done it?


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Posted:If i could go any where..


I'd go back in time ten years and then go and see my old house in Thailand.. It's restaurant now I think - I'd hate to see it like that.. also all the horror stories of how commercial it's all got scares me.. tourism is good but not at the cost of the innocence of an untouched landscape and population...

BUT nice one mate - well done and hope you have a wicked time- take a camera - we'll be expecting fotos..

love from part of your 'extended family'

I honour you as an aspect of myself..

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Posted:Way to go, should be a great trip!

Anywhere, this world or others...

Hmmm. Camping in the rings of Saturn would be fun, if a little chilly.

Don't worry, be happy...


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WELL DONE OUR KID!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well i would do a tour, Start in fuengirolia (sp?) Spain, then Poland, Iceland, Thailand, New Zealand (Baylies Beach) (sp?), and then see what the world has to offer from there
As long as it gets me the hell out of britain, i really couldn't give a......
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Posted:heay good score, scientist!!
hopefully you can make it to the melbourne fire scene!!! *crosses fingers and ears*
tell ya what, if i could go anywhere, it'd be Texas or London to meet the fire madness i keep hearing about!!

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Posted:If I could go anywhere.... I think I'd start in Perth to visit some very special friends then onto Europe I go. I'd just like to backpack around meeting the folk and finding some "tom-foolery". Anything to get out of the States for a while (don't get me wrong though, I'd eventually come back).

Good question scientist!

~the caged one

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Posted:I would have to agree with you, Scientist. Going to Japan and Australia is what I dream about. But I wouldnt stay in Tokyo, because I have a friend with a house in Osaka. She and I met over 5 years ago in college she was one of my bosses in the greenhouse complex! Now flowers have taken her back to Japan and me to Cali. I miss her and would love to visit (OR STAY!). And if I went all the way over there, I would have to stop and visit the Aussies.

But that wont happen for a while. When I look up, out of my office window to see the morning sun shinning on the eucalyptus, and think of my house just walking distance away with the view of the ocean I just cant believe it is reality. Combine that with the good friends I have made since moving here, including my unbelievably awesome roommate, it would almost take a crowbar to move me from this perch.

And just in case great things dont last forever, it is good to have a dream of what could happen next, right?