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I got bored of my poi and wanted something bit more dangrous, so i tied the handles together to make a chain staff. Not sure what is called but any stoping of your hands results in instant entanglement, so maybe death staff would be more apropriate.

Does anyone know any tricks for this insane device, i know a load but ive run out of ideas. Ive got the basic spin both ways in both hands for the horizntal, the forward vertical and have made up a vertical backward spin based on the 5 point poi weave, i can pass it behind my back both vertical and flat. continuous spinning can be done round a finger or wrist, with added half turns to make it look more spectacular, but now ive run out of inspiration.

Having never seen anyone else spin this device and as i dont know what its called, im having difficulty progressing.

Can anyone help me please?

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try searching under meteor smile

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Sounds interesting... got a video?

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Posted: in the forums, there is a whole section on meteor biggrin

Also, look out for Ataxia- He has some lovely meteor stuff floating around smile

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thax for the help, i will record some footage as soon as i get some new wick, the batterd wicks have very large flames, not good for such small (1m) meteor. The longer version looks fun though.

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