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I never used to get colds - if I had them they'd clear up pretty quick.

Then in... about February I came down with a nasty cold/Flu. I think I lost a whole day to that one (as in, was so ill couldn't move out of bed, don't actually remember the day passing). That passed after 2 weeks, and then I came down with a chest infection/chesty cold for about a month and half (which was horrible. My chest hurt so much) in March/April time.

Then in about May I came down with another cold for a couple of weeks. This cleared up and guess what...

Yup it's June and i'm on my fourth illness of the year. Same chesty cold with runny nose. I'd give anything to not have the cough... I am fed up. I have spent most my year coughing!!

Anyone have any advice/tips to get rid of this cold & build up my immune system so I can at least spend the last 6 months of the year NOT coughing & blowing my nose?

I know of all the usual Orange Juice/Vit C/ Echincea. I think I have enough Vit C, but don't really take Echincea. Should i take it? ubbrollsmile smile

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Posted:Grate or slice a tablespoonful of fresh root ginger into a mug. Add the juice of a whole or half lemon and add boiled water and leave to brew for about 5-10mins. Add honey to sweeten if you want.

Oh yeah, stop going to cold beaches at night to play with smelly hippies!

*awaits the pelting of tomatoes for tonights Marrinara sauce*

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Posted:sex helps ubbangel lol but make sure you get regular excercise and try some zinc too, but mostly make sure your eating the right foods etc, if youve changed your lifestyle this year it could affect your immune system.

hope this helps smile

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Posted:Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly frown

I had a similar problem a few months ago, but only had 5-10 days between "infections". I went to the doc and was told I had no infections, but my immune system had gone into overdrive and was reacting to something which was no longer there. I was put on steroids, but they made my nose bleed so I stopped. It cleared itsself up shortly after that.

Probably not the same thing at all, but maybe worth seeing your dr anyway..?

I know people that swear by echinacea. Manuka honey (tea tree resin) ginger, garlic are all apparently good for the immune system as well. I bet the Sensory Solutions ladies would have some good suggestions, did you speak to them about it at the weekend??


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Posted:more sleep. is the best solution for everything.

and drink more water maybe.

and expose yourself to more germs to build up resistance.

..... ooh... and stay away from birds, just in case smile

are you stressed? that makes people ill....

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Posted:I was gonna say doctor too, it could be something to do with your immune system. Perhaps a blood test might come up with an interesting result? I had glandular fever once, it sucked and I got ill all the time my immune system took a huge hit. Ive only just got back to normal now.

Of course its probably nothing, but a test couldnt hurt.

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