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Location: Atlanta, GA, USA

Personal Ad:

Experienced safety tech searching for fire performers in the Central Jersey area. Forced to give up current home by overbearing parents, seeks to continue twirling a building up to eventual burning. June/July '06


Hey, I'm Kat. Originally from Central Jersey, being forced to move back by a combination of my parents and a post-college lull in hiring in my field. I love to spin and twirl, but I don't light up. In fact, as of right now, my only experience in fire handling is putting fires out. I essentially apprenticed safety teching with a more experienced tech for six months before becoming safety for my current guys for another six months. I don't want to give up the addiction to being around the performance art, even if I yet do not have the skills, nor feel the confidence necessary to light up.


I come with my own toys of poi and spheres for contact juggling, as well as a decent sense of humor.

"So long and thanks for all the fish."

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