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Posted:hey everyone. I'm here in telluride colorado for the telluride bluegrass festival. it's now been approximately 3 weeks on the road. I don't get to use the internet very often seeing as I'm living in a tent for the moment. but after starting in massachusetts, I went to a festival called mountain jam in new york where I met up with this kid greg whom started his fire swinging carreer last year after seeing me do it. he's getting pretty good. then I went to a festival in kansas called wakarusa where the cops went gestapo this year. but I had a great time none the less. there, I met up with a kid named 20-12 and we swung... good stuff. I also met up with an old friend named lynnea who has now been swinging a little over a year. she as well is starting to get pretty good. next stop, is the rainbow gathering. where I'm going to meet up with a whole bunch of my fire addicted playmates. anyways, I'll keep you all posted on the journeys. have a wonderful life everyone.

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