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Forums > Videos > A staff and Fire-fly video... with me in it!!

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Posted:Sometime, somewhere in the cold spring of Sweden, in a forest not to far away, I hooked up with a friend of mine to record this little set of dubbles and firefly with me attached to them.

The meaning of the video is not so much to be a showof with skillz but rather to something that is beautiful to watch.

I'm doing the fire, and I also made the music. The video was cut and filmed by salza (samuel salvadores) and is available at:
br>(the top movie named:
Salza Productions Feat Doc)

love - d

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Posted:your video editor is utterly amazing! like AMAZING!

Also, I like your movement with the single wick on two strings thing.

And there was nice movement with the doubles also.

but totally outshone by utterly AMAZING editor... I couldn't even think about what was going on, so amazed at the beutiful editing and camera angles and shots.

I wish all videos were more like this. Especially mine.



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Posted:Yep yep... beautiful vid


Getting to the other side smile


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Posted:Hey mannen! Du ger!

Fick gshud nr jag tittade p den filmen och det jag blir s glad ver r att det INTE r en verdrift, jag fick gshud och rysningar ver hela kroppen!

Killen, du r grym och vi ska ocks tacka salza fr att han r otroligt duktig p att filma.

In english!

Hey Dude! You rule!

I had som goosebums when I was looking at the move and the best thing is that im not lying, I really had goosebums and the video is AWESOME!

Dude! You rock but we shall also say thanx to Salza ho is really good bahind the camera, check out www.salza.se and inspiration.....

Take care people!



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Posted:Thank you!

Furry and mcp, I'm sending the word on to salza who filmed and edited the video.

The funny thing is that to make a video like this we needed a lot of recorded time for the finished and cut version, I think we had like 40-50 min of recorded time with me doing just the same things filmed from different angles. So It is really a non spontaneous fun-practising video, but that was not the intention.

And damn I burnt my hands when we did that huge-dubbel-staff twirling in the end =)

Thomas; I'm glad you like it, It would be soo cool to record a video like this with both you and me in it together with Salza as the man behind the camera. Maybe we should suggest that to him!

love - d

ps. Thomas, gshud r typ den bsta kritiken jag kan tnka mig, rakt innifrn kroppen, det r grymmt att du gillar det! ds.