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Posted:I bought some cobra poi 2 for 15 (ones with detatchable tails) the hooks come open sometimes and so then ends drop off. Why does it feel like ive paid 15 for something that cost about 1 to make?

Ive been and bought some football socks and 2 tennis balls for 3.10 today because I heard this was the best way.

Have I been done out of 15 and what would I get for them if i put them on ebay? Of course i can put the tails on and they can look pretty n that.

oh and theres of course no finger straps on socks, do I need them?

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Posted:You don't need finger straps on socks, just tie a knot in the end if you want to. You can even just wrap them round your hands.

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Posted:Or you can put a small ball stitched into the top of your poi as a handle!

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Why does it feel like ive paid 15 for something that cost about 1 to make?

Probably because you did wink



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Posted:OR you can spend about an hour making two pairs of leather finger loops and only THEN realise that you dont really like poi half as much as staff ;P

they're the best loops i've ever seen too, really comfy and strong.

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Posted:"bahpoipoiarepoopoibah. "

Hold on UCOF, i'm getting major daja vu, weren't we just saying how cobra poi are terrible on another thread. I'd be surprised if they even cost 1 to make wink

I was asked to test the original design for the cobra poi, and they sucked then, i pointed out what was wrong with them and they made them the same anyways.

Socks are good, sewing machines are easy to use, cones are simple to make. The Act of making your own poi really helps me to refine what i like and dislike. Each set of poi i've made helps me spin in a different way, learn interesting things.

I've stuck with sock poi now for 3 years, since most of my other poi were stolen or lost, never did find out which. But they really are amazing to spin.

I always had a rule when making poi that i wouldn't spend over 10, i once made an awesome set of orange uv poi with leds and so on for 10!!! Made 2 sets and performed with them and they looked wicked. Used an old singer sewing machine that my mum had bought at an auction for 2. They lasted me about 6 months.

Anyways, i'm sorry to hear your cobra poi brake so easily.


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